Remon Medical has developed a novel telemetry technology that enables a device implanted deep inside the body to communicate wirelessly with an external system, providing physicians with valuable tools to frequently monitor and treat several potentially life-threatening conditions in a non-invasive manner.

The Company’s core technology utilizes acoustic waves, which both energize and communicate with the implanted device. The advantage of this approach is that acoustic waves transmit effectively inside the body (through soft tissue, bones and fluids), and are not absorbed by the intervening tissue. Acoustic communication requires very little energy to achieve a high signal-to-noise ratio when accessing locations deep inside the body.

Remon’s proprietary technology is integrated into a minute implant, requiring no antenna, battery, or connecting leads. The system can either serve as a sensor, measuring parameters such as pressure, flow, temperature, and irradiation dosage, or as an activator for localized drug therapies and nerve or tissue stimulation. The implant contains an energy exchanger, a control chip, and a sensor or activator, all enclosed in a miniature casing, roughly the size of a grain of rice. The Remon solution also incorporates a specially developed external unit, capable of powering the implant and receiving information directly from the implanted sensor.

The main features of the Remon system include its:

Small size: The minute dimensions of the device are a key factor in enabling its implantation at locations deep inside the body, particularly if the implants are of a permanent nature. The small size may also allow the device to be seamlessly attached to other implants.

Wireless communication capability: The implants can be placed anywhere deep inside the body, without connecting leads or wires. Once the device has been implanted, the system’s wireless capabilities enable non-invasive monitoring and/or activation of therapeutic responses.

No need for battery, antenna: The implant is energized and activated on-demand via an external transducer. The implant converts the acoustic waves into electrical energy via its proprietary energy exchanger.

Omni-directional functionality: As the system’s internal transducer operates at a low resonance frequency, Remon’s implant is omni-directional, insensitive to the exact direction of the external transducer.

Safe and recognized technology: The system utilizes acoustic (ultrasound) communications, a proven and safe technology that healthcare professionals have been using for decades. As a result, the system can reach deep into the body without heating tissue.