Remon Medical Technologies

Remon Medical Technologies Ltd. develops and commercializes smart, miniature implants which enable physicians to assess and treat a variety of medical conditions in a non-invasive manner. The Company’s enabling technology utilizes wireless communications to exchange energy and data with minute devices placed deep inside the body.

microscopeThese devices either monitor a variety of physiological parameters or stimulate tissues and organs, or activate other devices, creating therapeutic responses. Remon’s unique platform has broad applications for patient management, post-operative monitoring, nerve and tissue stimulation, local drug delivery, and drug development. The Company is developing two initial products that address growing needs in the cardiology and vascular surgery markets.medical technologies

Remon Medical has an experienced and market proven management team with many years in the medical device industry. Several of the Company’s senior managers previously worked at Medtronic Israel, where they successfully developed and commercialized several state of the art cardio-vascular products. Remon’s team includes experts in physics, chemistry, materials, mechanics, electronics, biology, biomedical engineering and medicine. Remon Medical is well backed by leading global investors including; Concord Ventures, Polaris Venture Partners and Biomedical Investments.

medical technologies