Remon Medical Technologies

Remon Medical Technologies Ltd. develops and commercializes smart, miniature implants which enable physicians to assess and treat a variety of medical conditions in a non-invasive manner. The Company’s enabling technology utilizes wireless communications to exchange energy and data with minute devices placed deep inside the body.

These devices either monitor a variety of physiological parameters or stimulate tissues and organs, or activate other devices, creating therapeutic responses. Remon’s unique platform has broad applications for patient management, post-operative monitoring, nerve and tissue stimulation, local drug delivery, and drug development. The Company is developing two initial products that address growing needs in the cardiology and vascular surgery markets.

Remon Medical has an experienced and market proven management team with many years in the medical device industry. Several of the Company’s senior managers previously worked at Medtronic Israel, where they successfully developed and commercialized several state of the art cardio-vascular products. Remon’s team includes experts in physics, chemistry, materials, mechanics, electronics, biology, biomedical engineering and medicine. Remon Medical is well backed by leading global investors including; Concord Ventures, Polaris Venture Partners and Biomedical Investments.

Ways to boost sex drive naturally

A low testosterone level has become a major concern for men over the recent years. That can spur men to visit their doctors to find out the cause of the problem and how they can get through it. As much as the condition can be controlled using testosterone replacement therapy, there are other ways to boost sex drive besides medical intervention. Making a few changes in your lifestyle can significantly boost your sex drive. This article shows some of the ways in which individuals can alter their lifestyles to get their groove back on. Here are some examples.

How to boost your libido

Get the right diagnosis

If you want to treat any condition accurately, you must first get the right diagnosis. Having a low testosterone level is characterized by having a low sex drive among other symptoms. Therefore, if you are experiencing such symptoms, visit your doctor for a blood test so that they can confirm the diagnosis. The test is best done in the morning because that is the time the body has the highest level of testosterone.

Take charge of your health

Once you have confirmed with your doctor that your condition is as a result of low testosterone levels and not any other health conditions, you can take the following steps to boost it.


Exercising regularly has been found to increase testosterone levels in men. Getting at least two hundred minutes of exercise in a week can lead to an increase in sexual desire and performance.

Control your diet

There was a study on obese men with type 2 diabetes that was conducted, and it showed that when they cut their calorie intake by 600 calories in a day, reduced carbohydrates in their diets and took more proteins, their sexual desire increased.

Tackle substance abuse

So far, there has been limited research on the relationship between substance abuse and sex drive. However, doctors recommend that individuals who have a low sex drive should evaluate their smoking and drinking behaviors. If they realize that they are taking more than they should, they should reduce their intake because in some cases, it has been found to help.

Talk to a therapist

Emotional factors have an impact on the sex drive. Men are likely to have a low sex drive when they experience a loss for instance of a spouse, a job, or if they are struggling financially. Talking to a therapist will help them to deal with their struggles accordingly hence improving their sex drive.…

Factors that cause low libido in men

Low libido can best be described as a decreased or low interest in sexual activity. Having a low libido is common from time to time, and it may be quite hard to match the sexual needs of your partner. However, when you have a low libido for a long time, there might be an underlying issue that is causing the problem. Below are some of the causes of low libido in men.

Causes of low libido in men

Low testosterone

This is an important male hormone that is produced in the testicles. It is the hormone that is responsible for building muscles, increasing bone mass and stimulating the production of testosterone. The hormone also significantly determines your sex drive. Therefore, when testosterone levels drop, the sex drive will automatically reduce. As people age, the testosterone levels tend to reduce, however, a drastic drop of the hormone may be an indication of a serious problem, and a doctor should be consulted.


This is a mental condition that affects the overall life of an individual. Individuals diagnosed with depression tend to have lack of interest in activities that they once enjoyed, and sexual activities are one of them. Some antidepressants could also facilitate the problem. For instance medication like serotonin reuptake inhibitors have been found to reduce the sex drive in men significantly. If you are on this medication and you notice that it is affecting you, consult your doctor.

Chronic illness

Chronic health conditions have been found to decrease libido in individuals. Such conditions include cancer and any disease that may cause chronic pain to the body. The body focuses more on getting through the days hence sperm production decreases. Therefore, individuals who have chronic illnesses that may lead to this condition are advised to be open to their spouses so that they can know the way forward to avoid marital or relationship issues.


Testosterone levels are high in men when they are in their late teens. Studies show that most men begin noticing a change in their libido when they are between 60-65 years. As men age, it takes them a long time to have orgasms, ejaculate, or even become aroused. However, some medications can be used to treat the condition.


Low libido can be attributed to an unhealthy lifestyle. Drinking, smoking and eating junk food may affect sperm production. If you think that your sex drive may be reduced due to your lifestyle, make some changes, and you will notice results.…